STED Meetup 2016.06.09


STED meeting Trondheim

The meeting in Trondheim Norway was a opportunity to meet and discuss the many individual projects that the studios and universities have been working on so far. The meeting ran over 2 days where the multiple threads of progress within sustainable transformation in the built environment were discussed. In this page you will find the poster presentations that was the base of discussions.

LCA - Tools & Theory
PresenterCompany/UniversityPoster titleDownload poster
Jan KauschenVandkunstenChallenges and opportunities for new tools in the design process, LCADownload
Katja Frankard and Amalie NyholmDTU/WhiteA comparison of building material datasets in Ökobau & EcoinventDownload
Moten BirkvedDTULCA at the DTU QSAN/A
Marios TsikosDTU/VandkunstenSustainable design with respect to LCA using parametric design and BIM toolsDownload
Mathilde LandgrenDTUDGNB and LCA in the design processN/A
Sara Andersen, Katrine Møller, Simon JørgensenDTUMapping of urban district with LCADownload
Aoife Houlihan Wiberg and Tobias HofmeisterNTNURevit + LCAN/A
Structure & LCA
PresenterCompany/UniversityPoster titleDownload poster
Laura Fernandes VilaDTU/WHITEParametric Structural Design, Optimization of Structures Based on Parametric Modelling & LCADownload
Kazunori YamaguchiOOPEAAChallenges and opportunities for new tools in the design processDownload
Refurbishment & LCA
PresenterCompany/UniversityPoster titleDownload poster
Elise GrosseWHITEWhat and whyN/A
Maria Tyrychtrova and Charlotte HaugvaldDTU/Helen & HardUnion Canning UpcyclingDownload
Cathrine Björk Vindheim and Pil Whitta AndersenKADKHermetikfabrikken - Helen & HardDownload
Helga Marie Vesterøy and Sara HelgheimKADKBydelshus Stavanger Øst - Helen & HardDownload
Andrea Reinlund Hansen, Eline Stubert, Mads Løkeland Slåke and Håvard AuklendNTNU/Helen & HardUnion Canning - Y100Download
Group 2NTNU/Helen & HardUnion Canning - Green house FactoryDownload
Claire-Elise Bard, Fel Ding, Karine Hemstad, Pablo Mora and Liisa ValdmannNTNU/Helen & HardUnion Canning - Solbakken A Sustainable reinterpretation of industrial heritageDownload
Claire McConnell, Janice Lobo, Kristian Boe, Linda Cairenius and Mariya StoyanovaNTNU/Helen & HardUnion Canning - The RibcageDownload
Emilie Botella, Zorbey Tuncer, Martin Fischer, Marco Aparicio and Orlane GuillouetNTNU/Helen & HardUnion CanningDownload

Social Sustainability
PresenterCompany/UniversityPoster titleDownload poster
Aleksander Otovic ProbstWHITEChallenges and opportunities for new tools in the design processDownload
Elise GrosseWHITEChallenges and opportunities for new tools in the design processN/A
Paula FeminiasChalmersSocial sustainabilityDownload
Peter Andreas SattrupDTUThe business of social sustainabilityDownload
Kyrre Høgalmen Robertsen and Eline Moe EidvinKADKDen Grønne Trekant - Lejerbo Tegnestuen VandkunstenDownload
Ludvig Håkansson OrsvallKADKTall Wood in Stavanger - Helen & HardDownload
Jens Arnar ÁrnasonKADKHús Meistaranaa- Studio GrandaDownload
Snow & Water
PresenterCompany/UniversityPoster titleDownload poster
Lærke PhilipsenDTUIntegrated Design Process for Urban Stormwater ManagementDownload
Jennifer FibigerDTUNew definition of comfort in sub-zero climatesDownload
Simon Reseke and Henrik AndersenKADKResearch Station and Public Northern Light Oberservatory, Svalbard - Helen & HardDownload

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